Choosing the Right Hat For You and Fashion Trends

Choosing a Hat for Your Body Shape

"I like hats, but they never look right on me"?

Every milliner hears this and they all enjoy proving it to be false! People simply haven't found the right hat for them, or don't have the confidence to wear them.

  • In reality, hats give you confidence, and any milliner will assure you there is a hat for everyone.

  • 1If you're PETITE, don''t choose hats with really wide brims. Select instead hats that have interesting detail to the crown. Really big hats, can be overpowering to small frames. If you want to add inches a hat with interest/features and feathers on the crown will give the impression of extra height.
  • 2If you're TALL, choose hats with a wide brim, as your frame will allow this and select a shorter crown to avoid making you look like a giant. Avoid narrow, angular-shaped hats.
  • 3If you're FULL FIGURED, choose wider, full-brimmed hats that can add balance to a curvy figure.
  • 4If you're BROAD SHOULDERED, choose a bigger hat to balance your silhouette.


Colour Choice

Don't think you have to hold the hat against the fabric of your dress to determine if it matches, as the fabrics used on headwear and dresses are so different they will rarely be an absolute match. When worn the hat and dress don't sit next to each other of course as your head is in between, so a near match will look as perfect as an absolute match. Many, many people choose to not match, but contrast. If the hat and outfit are of contrasting colours, then it must be colours that complement each other.

Exact Colour

If the hat matches the colour of the outfit exactly it is important to introduce at least one other colour into the outfit, to add depth with contrast, and avoid looking flat.

Choosing a Hat for Your Face Shape

A hat is the most powerful of fashion accessories. They are worn on the most visible, and photographed part of the body. They frame the face, and make one walk tall. Because a hat is worn so closely to your face it is important that the colour of the hat flatters your face shape and skin tone.

  • 1If you have pale skin, a warm colour such as pink or rust is a good choice. Darker skin is easier to choose for, although if it is very dark, black is best avoided..
  • 2If you wear glasses, don't let your hat fight with them,. If your frames are sleek then select a big hat. If you have statement frames, choose an understated hat.
  • 3If you have a LONG FACE, avoid narrow brims, which can add length to your face. Choose wide hats with curled or floppy brims. Steer away from the taller crowns. The crown of the hat shouldn't be narrower than your cheek bones. Feel free to play around with hats that have feature details.
  • 4If you have a ROUND FACE, then most hats will suit but particularly hats with high brims and angular shapes. If you want your face to look longer, try a taller crown. Always select hats that are wider than your face for a slimming effect.
  • 5If you have a SQUARE FACE, then you and your hat would look most stunning with tha hat worn at an angle. Make sure you look for a hat that offers a good deal of height at the crown. A square face typically looks wider than it does long. Height at the crown can add length to your face.
  • 6If you have a HEART SHAPED FACE, wear your hat straight across the brow and hairline. To create balance it is best to choose a hat with a medium sized brim. Look for hats with moderate height at the crown
  • 7If you have an OVAL FACE, then lucky You! You can pull off almost any style of hat. Experiment with a variety of styles to find what works best for you.



Never wear a hat on the back of your head. Hats can be worn tilted, over the forehead, or straight, but never sitting tilted backwards.

Never wear a hat narrower than your hair-do, as this will make the hat look like it's too small for you.


Unless you choose the left for reasons of your hairstyle, then headpieces should be worn on the right (as traditionally your Gentleman will stand on the left). Brimmed hats again look most sophisticated, angled with a slight dip over the right eye.


Mothers of the Bride / Groom should choose hats with a shallower front brim which would make it easier to greet guests, to see what is happening, and to avoid shadows from your brim, shading over your face in the wedding photography.


Hats and Headpieces don't need to be big to add drama. A small shape, worn properly can still add impact to any outfit.

Season Trends 2016

Some of the top trends seen on the New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Shows.


Usually reserved for a night out, designers have remodelled metallic for daytime this season. The time to sparkle this summer is before the sun goes down. One particular tones set to stay is rose gold metallic. It is not as cold as steel or chrome, but is not as bold and brash as gold. It is warm and a little bit different. Use it with a dark colour to really make it pop.


Like going back to Geometry classes again. The once adorable geometric shapes are appearing on this seasons fabrics, and seams shapes. Blocks of colour complement the geometric lines.


Fringing takes on a broad range of styles for 2016. On the runways, it wasn't just cowgirl and wasn't just flapper. Spanning eveningwear to casual, fringing and tassles swished onto the scene and found new ways to make a mark.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are a constant source of inspiration for designers, and continue to be reinvented each Spring / Summer. Beautiful floral trails, bouquet arrangements, rose garden, water-color marks, textiles with wide floral prints are a highlight of the trend for the season.

Playful Feminine

Elegance, femininity and playfulness were beautifully merged in a myriad of glamorous creations that become instantly memorable. Chic embellished pencil skirts, and simple sultry dresses with sheer panels which add a sultry vibe to the trend.

'60s and '70s Fashion

It seems like the '60s and '70s fashion were a great source of inspiration for many designers, in a variety of forms. Geometric motifs, chic floral motifs and bold yet classy cut outs all put an interesting spin on the seasons creations.


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